Cheesy chat-up lines don't work, it's official!

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"Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" or how about "I like your dress, but it would look better on my bedroom floor"....

These are just two of the most commonly used cheesy chat-up lines, but would you feel as though you'd been swept off your feet if a guy used one on you?

Cheesy chat up lines

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Us girls at Reveal would be much happier with a simple "hello" - and the offer of a glass of wine wouldn't hurt either.

And, unsurprisingly, we're not alone. According to a survey by new dating app Flirt Planet, 95 per cent of women wouldn't fall for slimy lines either.

Instead, more than half of women would prefer a simple compliment, such as: "You have lovely eyes."

Nearly half (44 per cent) agreed with us and said that they'd be happy if the guy offered to buy them a drink.

Making a joke is another one of the more successful approaches, with a quarter of women saying they'd think that was acceptable.

But maybe we're being too fussy in our quest for The One, as the survey also found that, in London alone, 48 per cent of singles hadn't been on a date in the last year - possibly because nearly two-thirds of singletons hadn't chatted someone up in 12 months!

Those who had attempted, said that just trying to chat someone up made them sweat, blush, and - in extreme cases - actually start to shake.

Sebastian Coman, founder of Flirt Planet, said: "If our findings are anything to go by, I can see why the dating scene is drying up. What people go through is nerve-racking. In fact, some compared the stress they went through when flirting to the same stress experienced during their driving test."

By Hayley Minn

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