Would you brush your teeth with chocolate?

Published Wednesday, Jan 29 2014, 19:20 GMT  |  By  |  1 comment
Are you a bit of a chocoholic? Can't enough of your favourite sweet treat?

Well, now you're actually able to brush your teeth with chocolate - or at least, a chocolate flavoured toothpaste!

Would you use a chocolate toothpaste?

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Would you use a chocolate toothpaste?

An American company have launched the Mint Chocolate Trek flavour cleaning product, aimed at those with an "adventurous spirit or a sweet tooth."

And that's not the only unusual flavour Proctor & Gamble are trying out - they've also got new lime and vanilla toothpastes too, based on evidence that consumers find the regular flavours boring.

However, the company are also ensuring that their products are still doing their jobs, by still including sodium fluoride.

But if you fancy making your morning brush a bit more interesting, you may have to wait a while - they're only available in America for the minute.

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