Abandoned dog who suffered horrific injuries is given four new 'legs'

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DaHey, an Alaskan Malamute, is back on his feet after being fitted with four artificial legs.

The courageous canine was abandoned at a pet clinic in Dailian, in China, suffering from horrific injuries after having his legs cut off.

DaHey, dog gets four artificial legs

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DaHey can now walk again

After having 20 operations, DaHey survived. But, due to the seriousness of the wounds, he was left with four stumps.

Thankfully things got better for the poor pooch when the vet who treated him, Liu Xifan, adopted him after he'd carried out his treatment.

And, after his story appeared online, dog lovers were so touched by what he'd been through, they donated enough money to buy DaHey four carbon-fibre legs.

Liu said: "DaHey is the first dog in the world that has four artificial legs. The day he wore them he started his new life."

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