Woman weaves hat and coat... out of her own hair - photo

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A woman has found an ingenious way of making the most out of her hair that she brushes out - weaving it into a coat and hat!

Xiang Renxian first started to collect the hair from her brush when she was 34, after people commented on how long and shiny her locks were.

Xiang Renxian, weaves hat and coat out of hair

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Xiang has woven a hat and coat out of hair

But it wasn't until 2003 that the retired teacher from Chongqing, China decided to weave it into clothes.

She twisted 15 pieces of hair into one strand to make 'wool' for the coat, and 20 for the hat.

She said: "It takes great patience, as the weaving work could only be done a bit each day due to the scarcity of the hair."

It's not an easy - or a quick - task. The coat took five years and 89,112 strands of hair to create, and the hat three years and 26,946 strands. She's even added on white cuffs to the coat made out of her grey hair!

Xiang, 45, is now weaving her husband a hair hat.

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