What type of eater are you?

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At this time of year, almost everyone is fighting the flab after indulging in too many mince pies last month. But do you know why you generally put on weight?

A survey of 500 women asked women to identify themselves out of seven over-eating stereotypes - and a staggering 70 per cent of them classed themselves as a 'Rusher'. This is someone who is always on the go and therefore doesn't have the time or option to choose something healthy. The dangers of being a 'Rusher' are things like eating ready meals or takeaways in the evenings or grabbing a hot chocolate on the way to work.

What type of eater are you?

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Most women are 'Rushers'

The other votes were split between the remaining six categories:

1. Picker – You eat balanced meals, but it's what happens in between that's the problem. Grazing is healthy, but more often than not, your choices aren't. A mid-morning biscuit is going to be your only treat, then a colleague brings birthday cake in and then there's the bowl of ice-cream that disappears during the evening. You suffer from food amnesia, so when you look back over your day's consumption, you often forget to include the snacks. Typical downfall: Pringles.

2. Binger – You live off fresh air and skimmed milk and iceberg lettuce for days on the trot. Then you can't resist putting that naughty item in your basket that you're definitely not going to eat, taking it home and just having a spoonful. Before you know it, your clean sheet's blotted and as the day's a write off, you might as well exploit it to the full. Typical downfall: Ben & Jerry's Chunky Monkey. The whole tub.

3. Rewarder - It's Monday so obviously you have to cheer yourself up with that mid-morning muffin. You've got all week to be good. Wednesday, you meet a friend you haven't seen in ages and it'd be crazy not to push the boat out with the pub grub. Thursday's nearly the weekend so it's okay to have a takeaway. Friday fun rolls around and you're all ready to let your hair down for the next two days. Not unlike the preceding five days. Typical downfall: a glass of red wine that turns into a bottle.

4. Socialiser - You're young, free and single so why shouldn't you be out having fun, and copious glasses of wine, several nights of the week? The only thing is, you can't work out why the scales keep tipping upwards. Could it be the cocktails, the chardonnay, that tapas meal? But you only have a salad for lunch! Typical downfall: Mojitos and Kettle Chips.

5. Settler – You used to be slimmer but since you've met the man of your dreams and started having cosy nights in, the pounds seem to have piled on. He likes 'proper food,' red meat most days and Sunday roasts and you're enjoying cooking for him and without noticing, matching his portion sizes. Typical downfall: sausage and mash.

6. Comforter – When it's all going wrong you turn to food. Food is your friend. The in-tray might be heaving, the house might be a mess but a bar of chocolate or a big slice of cake will make you feel better. The only trouble is, your weight is now one of the things that upsets you. And your reaction to the worry is to hit the biscuit tin even harder. Typical downfall: Jaffa Cakes.

Model and nutritional expert Katherine Blake said: "It's too easy to grab food on the go now and although our intentions may be good, we don't always pick the healthiest option. Once you fall off the dieting wagon, then it's downhill all the way.

"The key is to plan ahead. So think about what you're going to have for your three main meals – and yes, I mean three, don't skip breakfast, and then plan the healthy snacks you can have in between. Replace the crisps with a handful of nuts, the chocolate bar with a piece of fruit and the fizzy drinks with a glass of water."

Steve Barnes, from FreeDeliveryLand.co.uk who commissioned the data commented: "Women's lives are getting busier and more often than not, keeping to a strict diet falls to the bottom of the priority list – no wonder so many women confessed to being a 'picker'."

By Hannah Govier