Woman picks her pet rabbits over husband, opens bunny hotel

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Us Brits are big pet lovers, but if you had to pick your partner or your pet, which would you opt for?

For Sarah MacRonald, she was faced with this ultimatum after her husband said she had to choose between him or her favourite animal, rabbits.

But the bunny lover found it too difficult to get rid of her furry friends, so instead split with her husband and decided to open her very own "bunny bed-and-breakfast" – looking after people's rabbits when they go on holiday.

Grey and white rabbit with one ear up and one ear down British Columbia, Canada

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The mum-of-three ditched her banker job to set up Celebunnies and charges £20-a-night to care for rabbits.

Based in Coulsdon, Croydon, the rabbit hotel claims to offer a "celebrity-style boarding for bunnies", with the cute pets having the run of her large garden.

The 35-year-old was quoted in the Daily Star talking about the split with her ex:

"My husband was annoyed that I spent so much time with the rabbits, and to be fair, they did take over my life. But if anyone ever says "it's me or the rabbits!" then sorry, it's the rabbits every time."

Sarah now has eleven rabbits of her own and even has her very own bunny tattoo!

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