Clubber launches search after being handed engagement ring in kebab shop

Published Friday, Jan 17 2014, 18:40 GMT  |  By  |  Add comment
23-year-old Sophie Reynolds is attempting to track down a woman whose engagement ring ended up in her handbag.

Like many clubbers, Sophie ended her night out in a kebab shop at around 4.30am. While soaking up the alcohol with some fast food she saw a blonde girl sitting alone and crying.

After speaking to her and asking why she was upset, the poor girl revealed that her fiancé had cheated on her. Sophie was quoted in the Metro describing the woman as, understandably, "distraught."

Sophie's memory of the incident is a little hazy, but she recalls the woman removing the gold and pearl band, admitting that getting rid of the ring would be the only way she could get closure from the relationship.

The next morning, Sophie, from Lincoln, woke up to discover the ring in a zip compartment of her handbag. The clubber took to social media to try to contact the woman and it wasn't long before the appeal went viral, with even people in Australia and the US offering their help.

Sophie described what the woman was wearing – a black-and-red tartan top, and said that she had a Yorkshire accent.

She also believes that the ring could be extra important to the woman: "The ring looks like a family heirloom and I'm sure she is missing it. I just want to get it back to its rightful owner."

Let's hope that its owner is tracked down soon!