Squirrel causes £7,000 worth of destruction!

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Although they might look like harmless little creatures, squirrels are not to be trusted, as Margaret Bousfield found out to her cost.

The 46-year-old awoke to think her home in Hartlepool, Teeside was being broken into.

Margaret Bousfield, squirrel caused £7,000 worth of damage

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A squirrel caused £7,000 worth of damage

However, when she crept downstairs, she discovered the commotion was being created by a squirrel who had fallen down her chimney.

The panicked animal had scratched and bitten the carpet, curtains and sofa - causing an eye-watering £7,000 worth of damage.

Margaret managed to coax the squirrel out through a window with a neighbour's help.

She said: "The disruption was unbelievable."