Women have their heart broken twice before finding "the one"

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Women have had their heart broken twice in order to find their "The One", a new study has revealed.

Before settling down, the average woman will go through two heartbreaks, get stood up once, kiss 15 men and suffer four disastrous dates. Women will also fall in love twice, have four one-night stands and live with one partner.

The study of 2,000 Brits also found that the biggest difference between men and women are the numbers of sexual partners they've had. Men will have around ten in their lifetime, whereas women will have seven.

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The number of relationships men and woman will have is much more similar, with men having six on average, while women will have five.

And it seems that there is a gender difference in believing in true love. 94 per cent of women believe in genuine love as opposed to a smaller 88 per cent of men.

Despite this, young men are ready for commitment more than they were ten years ago. The research found that men are ready for a relationship from the age of 22, whereas ten years ago it wasn't until they were 24. One in four single men explained that they wanted a committed relationship to start a family, whereas 20 per cent were worried they would be "left on the shelf" while their mates settled down.

This study was carried out to mark the paperback release of bestseller The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion, published by Penguin.

By Raihana Campbell

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