Confessions of a sprout-a-holic! Boy has eaten 50,000 sprouts!

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Love em or hate em, there's no denying that sprouts are a staple of any festive dining table.

But while the tiny green vegetables tend to wholly divide opinion, one teen in particular has been unveiled as their biggest fan.

James Hucheon is such a fan of sprouts he has eaten 50,000

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James Hucheon, 17, has confessed that he loves sprouts so much he no longer waits for Christmas to indulge.

He eats a helping every single day and buys a bag of 100 with his weekly shop. To date, he reckons he has scoffed a whopping 50,000 of the much maligned Christmas veg.

"Most kids hate sprouts but I loved the taste from the moment my mum first served them to me," says the apprentice aero engineer from Basingstoke, Hampshire.

"She used to get annoyed with me when I was little because I asked for them every time she cooked a roast," he told the Daily Star. "Then after I was about ten, it went a bit further and I made her cook them no matter what we were having for tea."

James says his favourite meal is sprouts in tikka masala sauce and he even has sprout sarnies for lunch.

Unsurprisingly, Christmas is James's fave time of year... Think we can all guess what's on James's wish list this year...

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