The UK will spend £300 million on presents for pets this Christmas

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With money always a little tight at Christmas, present cut backs often have to be made.

But not when it comes to our pets it seems, with new research carried out by the RSPCA revealing that Brits spend a total of £300 million on presents for their pampered pets at Christmas.

Over 50 per cent of us will make sure our animals don't miss out on having a festive stocking, while a quarter of us even get our lucky pets an advent calendar.

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The poll of 900 pet owners found that 91 per cent of them would be buying their spoilt pets presents this Christmas.

And a cheeky 18 per cent even admitted that they spend more on their furry friends than their mother-in-law.

Darren Parrish from the RSPCA said: "It's lovely that a vast majority of pet owners really include them in the Christmas celebrations."

Some pet owners even admit to forking out more than £50 for a present for their four-legged friends. For 53 per cent, this means spending more on their companion than on a work colleague.

Shockingly, nearly ten per cent confessed to spending more on their pet than their partner and an incredible 3 per cent said they would buy more presents for their pets than their children.

Our furry friends really are living the high life!

Sophie Flint

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