Brits spend two days looking for their mobile phone

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Have you ever spent hours looking for your phone, wallet or keys? Well, you're not alone.

New research has today revealed that dozens of dozy Brits waste up to two precious days a year searching for items that have gone walkabout.

Those misplacing items can waste up to ten minutes a day, as owners try to find their missing belongings.

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Mobile phones are top of the lost list, with almost three-quarters of women and over 60 per cent of men admitting to losing them in the last few months.

Other items that are frequently lost include house keys, wallets and car keys.

According to the survey, over half of people admitted that the losses ruined their daily routine, with one in ten people even missing an important work meeting.

The survey also states that only one in five people have a means of finding their phone once it is lost or stolen.

Alicia diVittorio from Lookout, who conducted the survey, said: "The consequences of losing your mobile phone are not just restricted to being late for work or missing an appointment.

Mobiles have become out most valuable possessions, rich with precious information."

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