Pet parrot annoys owners by mimicking building site sounds

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Constant drilling, bangs and crashes throughout the night, heavy vehicles coming and going at all hours: there's nothing more irritating than the sound of a building site. But a Scottish couple are living with the ongoing cacophony projecting from their own living room – from the beak of their pet parrot.

Simba, who lives with Michelle and Iain Cassie just outside of Aberdeen, has taken to mimicking the noises from a nearby construction site. Her industrial repertoire includes beeping lorries, heavy drilling and grinding.

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Michelle, 46, was quoted by The Mirror: "Putting up with the day-to-day sounds is hard enough without Simba copying them.

"We just hope she stops when it's finished in January."

The noise is coming from the construction of a new £1.1m community centre in Newmachar, a town 10 miles outside of Aberdeen.

A spokesperson for the Newmachar Community Association said that they were aware of the Cassie's feathery problem: " We are aware of the concerns that have been raised and have offered to meet them. That offer is still open."

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