Mexican restaurant invents the cricket burger!

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Forget the classic beef variety, brave burger fans in Mexico are enjoying cricket burgers!

Antojeria la Popular, a New York eaterie based in Mexico, is selling up to 100 of the unique burgers a day. The treat was created for their more adventurous customers.

Named the 'Grass Whopper', the burger binds together fried crickets and soft cheese to create a patty, which is topped with your standard burger items – lettuce, tomato, onion and Mexican chipotle mayonnaise.

Great Green Bush-cricket, Katydid or Long-Horned Grasshopper (Tettigonia viridissima)

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Pedro Reyes invented the crunchy burger with the hope of making eating insects a more everyday thing and was quoted in The Daily Mail explaining his very alternative creation.

"I wanted to create something that would make eating insects mainstream. Everybody has a veggie burger and a turkey burger. Why not a grasshopper burger?"

Despite selling a decent amount and already earning plenty of fans, it seems that not everyone is impressed; with one customer describing the taste as "gritty" and that they could feel the legs.

Would you try it?

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