Who needs money? It's the little things that count!

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Sometimes all you need is a bar of chocolate or clean bed sheets to make you happy.

Many of us spend hours fantasising about what we'd do if we won the lottery or came into a huge inheritance from a long-lost relative.

However, it seems money can't buy us most of the things listed in this Top Pleasures, put together by Ordnance Survey.

Cuddling is the top pleasure we have

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Cuddling is the top pleasure we have

Things like receiving flowers, sitting in a beer garden and going to the cinema all brighten up our days - and don't break the bank.

Nick Giles, managing director of OS, said: "Our everyday lives are becoming so much more stressful and busier than ever before.

"Because of this, many of us appreciate things like reading a book or going for a stroll a lot more than we used to."

Here are the Top 20 little things we treasure…

1. A cuddle with a partner

2. Clean bed sheets

3. Chocolate

4. Booking a holiday

5. Christmas dinner

6. Country walks

7. Someone saying, "I love you"

8. Catching up with old friends

9. A clean house

10. Alcohol

11. A cup of coffee

12. Buying new clothes

13. A day at the beach

14. Getting a compliment

15. Giving presents

16. Cuddles with your children

17. A cheese board

18. Reading a book

19. A cup of tea

20. Hearing 'I love you' from a child

By Sophie Evans

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