Brits most likely to confess in the kitchen at 8.30pm on a Sunday

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Blurting out your biggest secret might not be down the pub after one too many drinks on a Friday night, but instead in the kitchen on a Sunday evening.

A study, carried out to mark the release of Mrs. Brown's Boys Live Tour: Mrs. Brown Rides Again on DVD, discovered that spilling your confessions is most likely to take place on a Sunday at 8.30pm.

Around 64 million secrets are blurted out during this time every year. Confessions range from one in ten people declaring their decision to go travelling abroad and a smaller eight per cent revealing their secret tattoo.

26 per cent of parents revealed that they try to worm a revelation out of their children on a Sunday evening, resulting in 18 per cent of teenagers spilling the beans on their new boyfriend or girlfriend.

Model released - two women sharing a secret

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And Christmas Day is one of the most popular days for people to 'fess up. It's believed that around six million people will be dishing the dirt to close family and friends around the kitchen table after a glass of fizz, or two!

Mum and dad could also be left feeling embarrassed on the big day, as eight per cent of teens will admit to not liking their poor parents' cooking.

Telling a secret is a big ordeal for some and feeling safe is key. Behavioural Psychologist Emma Kenny explained this is why people opt for the kitchen when revealing their secret, as it provides a "nurturing environment" as this is "where meals are provided and time is taken to ensure each individual family members needs are met."

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