It's raining cows! Woman shocked when cows fall through her roof

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A lady was left far from 'amoosed' when two cows fell through her roof!

Sue Marshall, 77, was vacuuming in her Cornish home when she heard an almighty crash overhead.

Sue was just glad it wasn't a whole herd!

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At first she assumed a tree had fallen on her roof but when she went to explore, she discovered a cow had fallen into her work shop, narrowly missing her expensive weaving loom.

However, things got even stranger when, after she'd shooed the animal out of her house, another one fell through another part of the roof, creating even more havoc!

Afterwards it became apparent that the cows had broken through a fence and climbed onto the sloped roof of the converted barn to reach greener grass.

Sue, from Lamorna, near Penzance, told Daily Mail: "The two cows were clearly distressed, the first careered out of the yard into an adjacent field, the second decided to hang around and made a bit of mess of the garden. I looked up at the fence and saw the rest of the herd looking on, a helpful neighbour came to our aid and made sure no more came through the fence."

Luckily neither Sue nor the cows were hurt in the bizarre incident and since then, the farmer who owns the cows has put up a new fence to stop any further wanderings!

By Sophie Evans