10 firemen rescue puppy stuck in sofa

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We've all heard of firemen rescuing kittens from trees but not so many puppies from sofas!

But it took a crew of ten fire fighters to rescue Milo after he became trapped in a reclining settee frame when he was playing with his owner, Jessica Marsden.

Hopefully Milo will stick to lying on the sofa in the future

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Stock image (not the actual puppy)

The 17-year-old from from Huddersfield had taken in Milo, a Staffordshire bull terrier, a week earlier, after his mum refused to feed him, but the mischievous pup soon got into trouble when he went exploring under the sofa and got stuck in the metal bars that allowed the seat to recline.

Jessica told Daily Mail: "We lifted up the back of the seat and could see his little head was trapped. I thought he was going to die. He sounded in so much pain and was turning blue."

Unable to rescue the puppy without injuring him, Jessica and her friends called the emergency services, who sent 10 firemen to cut Milo out of his sticky situation.

Armed with hacksaws and and lifting gear, they eventually freed Milo.

We hope he'll stick to lying on the sofa, rather than climbing under it now!

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