The girl who makes her boyfriend take a lie detector every day!

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Now everyone suffers from a bit of the green-eyed monster but not many people take it as far as Debbi Wood.

She makes her fiancé, 30-year-old Steve Wood, take a lie detector every time he goes out and she's so frightened he'll cheat, she checks his phone, email and bank accounts every single day.

Debbi is convinced Steve will cheat, she checks his bank account every day

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The 42-year-old has Othello syndrome, a psychological disorder that results in delusional jealousy. The condition gets its name from the Shakespeare play, where Othello kills his wife Desdemona when he suspects her of cheating.

Debbie said (as reported by Daily Mail): "I think he's gorgeous but that's not the issue. It's all about whether or not I can trust him not to look at other women while he is out on his own."

Poor Steve isn't even allowed to watch TV programmes such as The Weakest Link, as she fears he could start to fancy Ann Robinson.

Debbi has even changed her surname in the hope that it makes Steve want to marry her even more.

But although this might be too much for some men, Steve takes it all in his stride and said: "I'm willing to put up with it because I know we're soulmates."

By Charlotte Sandell
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