Man offers to sell baby to fish shop owner for £250

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A man was horrified when a teenager came into his fish and chip and offered to sell him a baby for £250.

Colin Barton, 54, at first thought he was being an offered mobile phone when the boy showed him the bundle.

The baby was offered to the fish and chip shop owner for £250

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Colin, from Sheffield, said: "A teenager walked in holding a bundle out in his hands and just said, 'You want buy this... £250?'

"I couldn't tell if it was a boy or a girl. But it was about a month old and wearing a fur-trimmed hood and wrapped in a blanket."

The teenager obviously realised his mistake and fled. Colin tried to chase him but he got away.

The police have since launched a probe but said: "It may have been merely a joke in poor taste."

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