Forget the onesie, get cosy with your loved one in the TWINSIE

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Onesies have dominated living rooms in the last few years. The comfy all-in-ones have become hugely popular and a must-have during the cold British winter.

So, it will come as no surprise that designers at The Original Factory Shop have created a way for onesie lovers to cuddle up together this Christmas.


© The Original Factory Shop

The twinsie is a novelty twist on the favourite jumpsuit, and allows for two people to snuggle up on cold winter nights. Sounds perfect for a cosy night in with your fella!

Priced at £50, the twinsie is available in navy blue, light grey and aubergine and combines four arms, two hoods, but only three legs. So, although this is great for lounging on the sofa, what about when one of you needs the loo?

Twinsie 2

© The Original Factory Shop

What if you argue about who is in charge of the remote control? It might be a bit awkward when all you want to do is get up in a huff and we can imagine it will take a bit of practice to walk around in too!

However, Rebecca Burns, 25 and Chris Fuller, 26, the first couple to test the twinsie, see the lighthearted side of this crazy creation, telling the Daily Mail: "I can imagine loads of people will buy them because they are good fun."

Hmm, we're not sure if this is one for us, personal space anyone?

Charlotte Sandell

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