Coffee, smoking & Facebook - just some of the things we can't give up

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Us Brits are struggling to give up smoking, coffee and Facebook, according to a new survey carried out by

According to the survey of 650 adults, these guilty pleasures are among the 50 day-to-day habits that Britain is struggling to kick.

Other addictions that you may not always admit to include: picking your nose, biting fingernails and the occasional trip to a fast food restaurant.

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Not to mention when you've 'accidently' found yourself in your favourite shop after a stressful day, looking at your favourite dress that you've had your eye on for ages and finding yourself 10 minutes later walking out of said shop with said dress and apologising to your poor, poor credit card.

Yes, comfort shopping and credit cards are at number 10 and 12 on the list of addictions too. Sorry ladies!

So after you've finished admiring your fab dress in the mirror at home, you then turn to Facebook and Twitter on your smartphone to tell your friends of your amazing impulse buy.

But, you've guessed it. Facebook, Twitter and smartphones are also on the 'I-just-can't-give-it-up' list.

However, as a spokesman for the survey tells the Daily Express, "Giving something up takes a lot of willpower and not everyone has the determination to see it through."

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