What are fossil fuels used for? Powering dinosaurs!

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What is a thermal conductor? A man who leads an orchestra in long johns.

Why did the infamous 1605 Gunpowder Plot fail? Someone forgot to bring the matches.

All of the answers in 'F in School' are genuine - and hilarious!

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All of the answers in 'F in School' are genuine (stock image)

You'd be forgiven for thinking these were one-liners from a comedy act - but in fact, they're genuine exam answers!

Richard Benson has compiled the funniest replies to exam questions in his new book, F in School. Here are just a few of our favourites!

When Queen Elizabeth I came to the throne, what was the first thing she did? Sat down.

Deserts can be hot or cold. Name a hot desert and a cold desert. Hot desert - apple crumble with custard. Cold desert - jelly and ice cream.

Name an expanse of salty water that's smaller than an ocean. A tear.

Write the longest sentence you can, using appropriate punctuation. 50 years to life.

How do you identify athlete's foot? It's on the end of athlete's leg.

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