Woman finds a 2ft python - in her oven!

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Of all of the things you expect to come out of your oven, a snake isn't one of them!

So imagine Karen Jackson's surprise when she found a 2ft python relaxing in hers.

Stock image of a Royal Python

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Stock image of a Royal Python

The 41-year-old from Blyth, Northumberland, had used the oven just two hours before but was alerted by their unwelcome intruder by her daughter.

She said to The Sun: "Our old cooker broke so we got one second-hand off a Facebook friend. We used it every day without any problems. Then on Monday, I heard my daughter scream. I ran to the oven and saw this snake slithering around. We just stood there in shock."

Karen and her partner, Chris Petrou, called the police and the RSPCA but by the time they arrived, the snake had returned to the cooler area at the back.

It wasn't until a friend who owns snakes came round that they managed to remove the serpent with a metal coat hanger.

And a call to the friend who sold them the oven, Stephen Smith, solved the mystery of how the snake had appeared there - the non-venomous Royal Python was actually his step-daughter's pet, Lily!

By Anique Cox