What colour should you wear on a first date? Red!

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Choosing the perfect outfit for a hot date can be frustrating, with most of your wardrobe ending up on the bedroom floor.

But girls, soon that may be about to change, as now there's little need to spend hours choosing between the little black dress and the little red dress.

That is because researchers at VoucherCodesPro.co.uk have discovered that out of 1,242 men surveyed, 27% of them find red the most appealing colour to wear on a first date.

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And it's not just the ladies that will soon be digging out their best frocks to attract their potential partners.

Guys, take note, as 24% of women find grey the most attractive colour. So gents, if you're secretly struggling with what to wear to impress your date, look out for that Christian Grey-style suit that will set the ladies' pulses racing!

It also looks like first impressions do count, as two thirds of men and women said that wearing the wrong colour was off putting.

George Charles, from VoucherCodesPro.co.uk, told the Metro that it is human nature to assess someone quickly, adding: "Fashion sense and clothing colour choice is one of the first things the brain will notice."

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