Brits would rather share the bed with their pet than partner

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A recent survey discovered that pets around the UK are getting preferential treatment, as 32% of pet owners would prefer to snuggle up in bed with their pet than partner.

According to the survey conducted by Ergoflex, 62% of respondents admitted to regularly sharing a bed with their pet.

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15 Dec 2012

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Of those that opted to share a bed with their pet, 51% of them explained that their pet was 'a less irritating sleeper'; whilst over a quarter of the respondents confessed they "loved their pet more than their partner."

However, according to the survey, 55% of those who share a bed with both partner and pet claim it has caused 'relationship problems' in the past.

When asked to elaborate, two thirds claimed it had 'negatively impacted on their sex life', whilst 40% admitted arguments between themselves and their partner had erupted due to the sleeping arrangements.

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