Meet the man who weighs 70-stone

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Putting on weight can make everyone feel rubbish about themselves, so imagine what life is like for 70-stone Keith.

Because of his bulky body, he has not left his house in a staggering 11 years - or his bed in two.

Keith weighs a staggering 70 stone

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Keith weighs a staggering 70 stone

Having been left unable to walk, wash or even go to the bathroom unaided, Keith is now determined to regain his life - and independence through weight loss surgery.

Saving Britain's 70-stone Man follows Keith's journey through weight-loss surgery - but before he gets to that stage, he needs to lose weight himself, because otherwise the operation would be too risky.

Keith is so big, he hasn't left his house in 11 years

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Keith hasn't left his house in 11 years

So despite being bed-bound, Keith follows a strict diet and physiotherapy regime in order to make him a more suitable candidate for the surgery.

In order to see whether Keith succeeds in his battle to gain control of his weight and his independence, watch Saving Britain's 70-Stone Man on Channel 5 tonight at 9pm.