Half of us still believe that we will find "The One"

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If you have given up hope on finding true love, your faith will be restored as apparently, half of us still believe that we will all eventually find 'The One'.

The survey, carried out by YouGov, found that 86 per cent believe that being in love is the most important reason for marrying, whilst just 6 per cent thought marrying for money would make a happier life.

2,093 respondents participated in the research, which was carried out to mark the launch of the Austen project, whereby contemporary authors reimagine the Jane Austen novels.

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It would appear that certain traditions held in 1811 are still set in stone today, as 42 per cent of us still look to our mother's approval in choosing the perfect partner. However, other traditions have failed to survive, with only a small 5 per cent claiming that they would turn to a family member in helping them find a partner.

The survey also found that just 9 per cent claimed to have met their partner through online dating, whilst a heart throbbing 40 per cent said it was through a social situation.

Best-selling author Joanna Trollop, who has rewritten Austen's Sense and Sensibility, spoke to the Daily Mail about the findings.

"I think Jane Austen would have thoroughly approved of the survey coming out in favour of never marrying without love. She would also have disapproved – as most people still do – of marrying just for money."

But I think that she would have thought that respect came into the romantic mix too, and respect lasts longer than anything – as much in 2013, as it did in 1811."

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