More than half of newlyweds don't have sex on their wedding night

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When it comes to a wedding, everyone knows it is tradition for the happy couple to top off the day with a night of passion to seal the deal.

But for many newlyweds, making love is the last thing on their mind.

According to a new survey, 52 per cent of people fail to consummate their marriage on their wedding night, while 17 per cent didn't get down to it until three days after the ceremony.

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The groom was to blame in most cases, with 24 per cent having to be put to bed after one too many celebratory drinks.

But for 16 per cent of couples, all intimacy was put on hold after the bride was too tired and fell asleep.

The poll of more than two thousand people found that the bride was too drunk in 13 per cent of cases, while 11 per cent of couples had to look after their children.

George Charles, marketing director of Voucher Codes Pro, which commissioned the survey, said: "The emphasis of wedding night sex for married couples is no longer a huge factor.

"It may be that the stress and pressure of organising a wedding takes the main priority, especially considering such a large proportion of couples have been living together for years."

Top ten reasons for not having wedding night sex

Groom was too drunk – 24%
Bride was too tired and fell asleep – 16%
Bride was too drunk – 13%
Had to look after our children – 11%
We had an argument before wedding reception ended – 9%
Needed to leave for our honeymoon – 9%
Stayed up all night partying/celebrating with guests – 7%
The groom was too tired and fell asleep – 4%
Neither of us felt like having sex – 4%
Other – 3%

By Gemma Bradish