Corkscrew voted as Britain's most treasured invention

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Despite having a huge range of high-tech gadgets at our disposal, Britons have named the humble corkscrew as our most treasured invention.

In second place was the optical lens – used in cameras, microscopes and binoculars – while the zip came in at number three.

Lever-arch corkscrew in bottle of wine

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Other more traditional items to make the top 50 include the telephone, the gas cooker and the record player.

Surprisingly, many useful, high-tech devices scored a low ranking, including the satnav and the laptop.

And despite the fact many of us couldn't live without neither our mobile phones or the internet, the devices reached numbers 33 and 45 respectively.

A spokesman for, who compiled the list, said: "It's hard to imagine a world without these 50 gadgets.

"When you look down the list we'd be back in the dark ages cooking on an open fire without these gizmos."

Our Top 10 greatest inventions:

1. Corkscrew/bottle opener (approx. 1630)
2. Optical lens (around 1280)
3. Zip fastener (1913)
4. Cigarette lighter (1823)
5. Light bulb (1879)
6. Vacuum flask (1892)
7. Telephone (1876)
8. Wristwatch (1868)
9. Gas cooker (1826)
10. The car (1885, Benz)

By Gemma Bradish