Phantom cat 'haunts' motorist, so he claims

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Do you think ghosts and ghouls are just made up?

That's exactly what 69-year-old Malcolm Pennicard thought - until he began hearing meowing noises coming from the back of his Nissan X-Trai.

Malcolm believes his car is haunted by a cat

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Malcolm, who owns two cats himself, told The Sun: "I've never been the paranormal type. I can only think it's a cat spirit."

He explained that his supernatural experience only occurs as he drives by a certain junction, where the feline spirit mysteriously meows three times.

Malcolm said: "I heard it the first time but didn't think anything more about it until I was with my wife and it happened again. She said one of our cats was in the car and we should go back to the house to drop it off so it didn't get lost."

M&S bank worker Malcolm insists that there is no other explanation for the unusual sound and has enlisted the help of family and friends to strengthen his point by taking them out for a spin.

Malcolm, from Great Sutton, near Chester, plans to drive past the junction regularly and open his doors in an attempt to let the animal free.

"It is obviously trying to tell me something but I don't know what it is trying to tell me. I don't know cat language," he added.

By Nicola Webb

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