The woman with the world's longest nails - picture!

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With her blonde hair and cheeky grin, Chris Walton was always going to stand out from the crowd.

But what makes her truly exceptional - and, in fact, record breaking - are her 3ft finger nails!

Chris's longest nail is 3ft long

© Guinness World Records 2014

The 49-year-old from Las Vegas has just been crowned the woman with the longest nails by the Guinness World Records. Altogether, they measure a staggering 19ft 9in and her longest is her left thumb, which is 3ft on its own.

But, surprisingly, she didn't grown them on purpose - in fact, instead of being slaved over and pampered and preened, Chris said they grew because she didn't have time to cut them.

"In between working and raising my daughters, they were just growing. I didn't have time to think about them."

It wasn't until her daughter pointed out how long they were, that she released just long they'd grown.

But despite her exceptionally long talons, Chris insists she can still do most things.

Chris has the longest finger nails in the world

© Guinness World Records 2014

"I can drive, cook and everything," she says. "They don't hold me back at all - I just adjust the way I do things.

"If there is a dress I really like, I just put a zipper on the sleeves. And when I do the washing, I buy barbecue tongs and get the clothes out of the machine that way."

Despite her casual attitude towards her nails, other people aren't so relaxed and she is continually approached in the street to have her photograph taken.

But despite the length of her nails, Chris - also known by her stage name, The Dutchess - couldn't believe it when she was told she was going to hold a Guinness World Record.

"I thought they had the wrong girl, that they'd made a mistake - but they told me they were sure I had the longest nails in the world."
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