Woman gives birth to 13lbs 8oz baby girl...naturally

Published Wednesday, Jul 31 2013, 19:00 BST  |  By  |  1 comment
Just the thought of labour can make some women squirm, so spare a thought for this mum who has given birth to a 13lbs 8oz baby - naturally!

Maria's daughter, called Jasleen, has now become Germany's heaviest baby following her arrival in Leipzig, taking the title from a 13lbs boy called Jihad.

But despite her weight and the fact she has measured in at a whopping 57.5cm, Jasleen is still 10lbs off the world record.

Jasleen is certainly a big baby

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Doctors discovered that Maria was suffering from undiagnosed gestational diabetes, which can lead to unusually big babies.

Speaking about her daughter, Maria said: "I was somewhat shocked at her size.

"My 11-year-old daughter was a third of her weight, my two-year-old son was a little under that.

"My stomach was a lot bigger this time around but I had no idea there was such a giant inside."

Jasleen is in neonatal intensive care at Leipzig University Hospital but she is said to be doing well.
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