'Ghost' brews up trouble by sending tea bags flying!

Published Friday, Jul 26 2013, 21:00 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
A shopkeeper has been left with supernatural suspicions after boxes of tea bags have been hovering near shelves on their own accord.

Luckily, the ghostly goings-on were captured on CCTV, otherwise the Michelle Newbold, of Whitstable Nutrition Centre, Kent, might never have been believed.

What do you think causes the boxes to float and fall?

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The boxes of tea bags appear to be floating down the aisles of the corner shop, right next to a shopper.

Michelle said: "I just couldn't believe it. I have no idea about how it has happened. It is just a complete mystery. The customer never said anything and I don't even know who it was.

"I'd be interested to find out more if anyone know anything because I have no clue. I have never seen anything since I have been in the shop."

Why not check it out for yourself and see if you can figure out what is going on?