Family left bankrupt after spending £65,000 on beanie babies

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A family have been left without a bean after spending a fortune on beanie babies.

Chris Robinson, from Arizona, US, has confessed that, after being told the soft toys would rocket in value, his father went out and spent £65,000 on a houseful of them.

They would spend their time in McDonald's, eating Happy Meals to collect the squashy animals.

Chris's father spent a fortune on beanie babies

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Chris said: "My father bought into everything these people were telling him about how valuable they were going to be and how exclusive some of them were.

"For a while there was a real belief that we were going to make money. The plan going in was for them to pay for our college tuition."

But, despite their massive effort, the family didn't even try to sell them.

"We just collected them for a few years, finally saw the error in our ways, and then packed them away in hopes that maybe someday they'd rebound and we could get some money back.

"The plan going in was for them to pay for our college tuition, but it became pretty clear that wasn't going to happen for us. Maybe by the time our kids graduate high school they'll have made a comeback. Or we can just burn them for warmth in the event of the Apocalypse."

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