Watch the first murder trial to be aired in the UK unfold on TV tonight

Published Tuesday, Jul 9 2013, 16:28 BST  |  By
If you've ever been intrigued as to how a murder trial plays out, now is your chance to find out.

Tonight television boundaries are broken as UK courtroom proceedings are filmed, then broadcast.

Edinburgh Crown Court

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The case gripped Scotland when it first hit the papers - Arlene Fraser, a 33-year-old housewife and mother-of-two from Morayshire, Scotland, mysteriously vanished on April 28, 1998. She'd been seen hanging out washing by a neighbour at 8am but then, when a friend popped in at 10.15am, the front door was open and Arlene had gone.

Despite her body never being found - and no murder weapon being discovered - in April 2012, a murder trial started in the High Court in Edinburgh.

The main suspect was her husband - Nat Gordon Fraser.

Arlene had been talking to a solicitor about a divorce - a divorce that could cost Nat, 53 at the time of the trial, his home and half a business.

A reasonable motive for murder, the prosecution argued, especially considering his failure to help much in the search for the wife.

But Nat claimed he was at work - a cast iron alibi.

Could it have been Hector Dick, a local farmer and close friend of Nat, who purchased a brown Ford Fiesta which was believed to have carry Arlene to his farm on the day she went missing.

The jury eventually reaches a majority verdict in this baffling case.

The Murder Trial is on Channel 4 at 9pm on Tuesday 9 July