Man rips up comics - then discovers they are worth £20,000!

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A man made a costly error when he ripped up comic book magazines - only to discover they were worth a small fortune!

Andrew Vickers, 49, is an artist, so when he discovered the abandoned stack on a skip, he decided to turn them into a 6ft sculpture called The Paperboy for an exhibition in the Sheffield gallery, S1 Artspace.


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But when a comic fan, Steve Eyre, saw the creation, the mistake was realised. It turns out the collection abandoned in the skip contained extremely rare comics, including a first edition of The Avengers from 1963.

In fact, they would have been worth £20,000 in their comic book state - whereas the sculpture is thought to now be valued at around £400.

But Andrew has seen the funny side, saying: "It has made me laugh every day since I found out. People can't believe I'm so jolly about it."

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