Police rescue man stuck in bollard!

Published Tuesday, Jun 25 2013, 19:00 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
An unnamed man caused hilarity in Hemel Hempstead after becoming stuck in a bollard.

The prankster spent two hours inside his plastic prison as passing shoppers questioned: "Is this a wind-up?"

Man stuck in bollard

© YouTube

But apparently it wasn't.

His friend stated: "He ain't done nothing wrong, mate, he can walk around in a cone if he wants to."

A policeman eventually turned up and, with the help of another man, the prankster was freed to cheers by a growing crowd - many of whom were snapping pictures, recording video and laughing.

The policeman took the offending bollard away, saying: "Do you mind awfully if I have this?"

Sadly for him the whole ordeal was caught on film and has been put on YouTube...