The girl with seven mums! Meet Britain's only open polygamous family

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Do you ever get jealous if your boyfriend ever chats to another girl at the bar? Or if he receives too many texts from a female friend at work?

Well, can you imagine if he had six other wives?

The Girl with 7 Mums

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Philip Sharp, also known as 'the rampant rabbi', lives with his seven wives and 19 children and is the head of Britain's only open polygamous family.

Ellie, his 10-year-old daughter, takes centre stage in Channel 5's documentary The Girl With 7 Mums, which follows this unusual family set-up, in which she states: "I couldn't bear not living with all my mummies."

Because polygamy is illegal in Britain, Philip isn't actually married to any of his wives but they all wear rings and have taken on his surname after he had what he terms a calling.

"God revealed things to me. He spoke to me as if I were a king."

He was already with one lady, Judith, 53, but then went onto start other relationships with Vreni, 41, Hannah, 54, Chava, 67, Margo, 42, Karyn, 32 and Tracey, 45 - all of whom he knew through the synagogue where he was a rabbi.

The seven women share his bed and Judith admits that at the start, it was difficult to establish ground rules: "There was a lot of jealousy and we argued constantly."

But Ellie seems to be perfectly comfortable with the living arrangement. She has nicknames for her mums, calling Judith "Everything Mum", Karyn "Fun Mum" and Margo "Yard Mum".

She even says: "I've told my dad that in my future I wouldn't mind having a man with seven wives. I've grown up like that."

But it seems that not everyone is as happy with the situation as, at the start of the programme, Tracey has already left and Karyn has left him after filming.

The Girl With 7 Mums in on Channel 5 on Thursday 20 June at 9pm.