Jedward superfans spend a staggering £50,000 on their "hobby"

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Jedward fans Laura Morris and Julie Atkin have spent a staggering £50,000 between them travelling the world to meet the twins.

Laura, 29, and Julie, 42, met on a Jedward fan site and together spend all their spare cash on memorabilia, concert tickets, hotels and travel costs.

Jedward superfans Laura Morris and Julie Adkin - This Morning - June 2013

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Mum-of-two Julie has moved from Yorkshire to be closer to her pal Laura in Poole, while Laura has given up her permanent job and instead temps so she never misses the chance to meet the former X Factor stars.

Speaking on ITV1's This Morning, Julie explained: "Going on tour to see them is like a holiday. We don't drink or anything like that - it's what we spend out money on.

"I wouldn't describe it as an obsession, it's a hobby. We just love doing it."

Laura, who met Jedward - John and Edward Grimes - in the X Factor audition queue, adds: "Everyone has a hobby. People follow football teams around the world – we follow Jedward around the world.

"They take the time to get to know their fans. It's not just us - it's all the fandom. I just fell in love with them and thought they were so entertaining."

Jedward superfans Laura Morris and Julie Adkin appear on This Morning - June 2013

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Host Phillip Schofield asked Laura and Julie if they fancied 21-year-old John and Edward.

Julie replied: "No!" Laura added: "I find them attractive. They're attractive looking guys."

Phillip and co-host Holly Willoughby then surprised Julie and Laura by bringing Jedward into the studio to meet them.

Jedward said: "We want to thank you guys for being so Jedicated, Jepic and awesome. We really appreciate all the stuff you do for us."

Watch the full interview with Laura and Julie below!

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