Top man myths busted! It's not all about sex and football...

Published Thursday, Jun 6 2013, 17:00 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
Think your man only ever thinks of sex and football?

Think again - a new survey shows men aren't the one-track-minded beings we think they are!

stock image of man and woman reading magazine together

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Online dating service has found that 87 per cent of men aren't true football lovers - and that 65 per cent of them only think about sex occasionally.

And we women aren't the only ones who like a good cry - 84 per cent of men also said they shed a tear every now and then.

Nearly 60 per cent love the film Love Actually and 57 per cent enjoy reading women's magazines.

So if you think you're confused by men, don't be - they're just like us!

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