Man finds coins worth £100,000 - minutes after buying metal detector!

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Talk about beginner's luck!

Wesley Carrington bought a basic metal detector from a shop and after heading to the woods to try out his new gadget, found Roman coins worth £100,000.

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He'd first found a spoon and a halfpenny piece but then, after the detector started to bleep, he dug lower and found 55 gold coins.

An inquest took place after a further 104 coins were found and experts have called the find "spectacular" and of "national significance".

Mr Carrington said: "I've never been metal detecting before. I just thought I would give it a go.

"I would say after about 20 minutes it beeped. I dug a hole. I've watched a couple of YouTube clips to see how you do it.

"I dug up a bit of ground and started breaking it up. I found a coin that was gold-coloured, with a Roman figure on it. I knew what it was but I didn't realise the significance of it."

The coins will now be sent to the British Museum for a formal valuation before they are put up for auction.

Any proceeds made could be split between Mr Carrington and the owner of the land where the treasure was found.

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