Did you pack that goat yourself? Oddest things taken onto flights

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Think being an air hostess sounds glamorous? Being whisked off to far-flung destinations and just having to serve the odd cup of coffee along the way...

Well, think again!

Air stewardess, Sara Keagle, has revealed the weirdest things she's had to deal with that people have brought onto flights over the years.

In her blog, Flying Pinto, her fellow flight attendants have seen everything from windows to goats to adult toys all being brought onto planes as hand luggage.

grey goat

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One attendant called Christi said: "I had a guy upgrade himself to first class because he said his penis was too big to sit in coach. Does that count as a weird package?"

And another, Lisa, said: "Ummmmm how should I say this …. Adult toys …lets just say one fell out of someone's bag and was in the middle of the aisle."

Animals also seemed popular - as ferrets, ducks and hamsters have all been seen boarding.

A hostess called Jana said: "My favourite? The time I bent down to remind the sweet old lady that the dog in the carrier by her feet needed to stay inside the cage only to discover that it wasn't a dog because it had HORNS! It was a goat. When I tried to explain that she would never get that past customs, she started patting me on the head saying in Spanish "es la misma cosa" which means, it's the same thing. It was Christmas time. Don't wanna know where the goat was going…"

Others reported people trying to bring on chainsaws, a dead stuffed cat and a 4ft statue of Jesus.

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