Nobody Loves a Ginger Baby? Book causes controversy...

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Laura Marney - author of Nobody Loves a Ginger Baby


by Andrea Leebody

A new book has caused a riot among its red-haired readers, with many of them blasting it as "offensive".

The novel, which bears the tongue-in-cheek title Nobody Loves a Ginger Baby, tells the fictional story of a woman from Glasgow who falls for a ginger-haired man addicted to anti-depressants.

But despite the author, Laura Marney, being auburn herself – and her daughter, Holly, 24, on who the main character was based, being a redhead too – furious readers have taken to Amazon to vent their anger.

"Perhaps you should title your next book Nobody Loves a Mixed Race Baby or Nobody Loves a Disabled Baby and see what the response is," wrote Heager.

Nobody Loves a Ginger baby - new chart topping book by Laura Marney
Bedsmum added: "What a disgraceful title for a book. Why is it still acceptable to mock one group of society?!"

The controversial novel was originally published in 2005, but only enjoyed limited success. However it was re-released this month to mark International Redhead Day 2012 in Holland.

It then hit the Kindle No1 spot as an E-book.

Author Laura, who lives in Glasgow says: "I didn't set out with the intention of upsetting people but I wanted people to think. As a ginger woman I know how tough it can be. At school I had some problems.

"There have been negative comments but mainly from people who haven't read it."

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