Long-suffering mum Diane Walker is real winner after son wins lottery

Published Tuesday, Sep 4 2012, 18:30 BST  |  By  |  4 comments
by Andrea Leebody

Euromillions - filling out euromillions lottery draw ticket

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With his mum's home-cooked meals, no bills to pay, and no need to do his own laundry, Oliver Milner had no plans to leave home.

In fact, it took winning the lottery for the lazy lad to finally accept it was time to stop living under his mum Diane Walker's roof and get a place of his own!

Oliver, 27, scooped a whopping £2 million when his six Euromillion numbers came up, and long-suffering Diane is now looking forward to helping her adult son pack up his childhood bedroom.

Diane, from Hull, admitted: "It's every parent's dream to know their children are financially secure for the rest of their lives. And at last he's moving out!"

As well as treating himself to a bachelor pad, we're pleased to hear that Oliver is planning to take his mother and the rest of his family to Disney World in Florida.

Finally, you could say, he is keeping mum!

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