Updated: Women grow armpit hair for Armpits4August to raise money for charity

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It's been 14 years since Julia Roberts flashed her hairy pits at the premiere of Notting Hill but people are still banging on about it as though it was yesterday. When it comes to an unshaven underarm, it seems there are few female benchmarks.

But now a group of women are uniting for Armpits4August by throwing down their razors to raise money and awareness for Verity, a charity for women with polycystic ovary syndrome. One of the symptoms of the condition is excessive hair growth.

28 Apr 1999

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Campaigner Chloe Marshall said: "One of our founders has PCOS and was talking to friends about how fed up she was of having to go through the process of hair removal every day.

"We realised that her job had unfair expectations in that her male colleagues could freely roll up their sleeves without being considered unkempt. We're about highlighting to women that there is a choice."

Last year, popstar Pixie Lott also caused a sensation when she turned up to a film premiere with underarm fluff. Bra fitter Holly-Rae Smith just can't understand what all the fuss is about.

Holly-Rae, 23, not only has hairy armpits herself, she also sees plenty of fuzz when measuring women for underwear.

Holly-Rae Smith is proud of her hairy armpits

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"It's disturbing that women are criticised for having hair under their arms," Holly-Rae tells Reveal.

"Being a bra-fitter, I see women's pits every day and find it strange when women apologise for not shaving.

"Why are women apologising for something so natural?"

Proud of her own underarm hair, Cambridge-based Holly-Rae admits she was "encouraged" to see a high-profile young woman like Pixie sporting some stubble.

Pixie Lott hairy armpit at Batman premiere

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Holly-Rae adds: "I'm surprised by the extremes women go through for the price of so-called beauty.

"I felt encouraged when I heard Pixie had been snapped with hairy pits but, when I looked at the photo, it was no way near as hairy and 'scary' as mine!

"Us Brits really need to get a life and talk about something important."

To join in or for more information visit armpits4august.org

Do you agree with Holly-Rae? Are you glad to be au naturel or do you feel pressurised into waxing or shaving? Tell us your thoughts below.

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