EastEnders, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks: Thursday's soap highlights

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EastEnders, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks: we take a look at tonight's top soap stories…

EastEnders, BBC1, 7.30pm

With Roxy determined to keep on the straight and narrow for the sake of her daughter, Jay checks in on her to find out if she's really sure about making a change for the better.

Deciding there's no time like the present, Roxy reaches out to Amy, but Jack stops her, leaving her upset and frustrated.

EastEnders, Roxy and Jack, Thu 2 Jun


Desperate to make it right, Roxy later gets a job with Donna, and then catches Andy's eye. Will getting her life together be enough to convince Jack she can be a good mum?

Emmerdale, ITV, 7pm

Lachlan looks at the pictures he took of Belle and Dr Bailey on his phone and considers what his next move should be. When he bumps into Belle outside the cafe, he threatens her to meet him or he'll tell Bailey's wife about the affair.

Emmerdale, Belle and Lachlan, Thu 2 Jun


Belle's sickened when she realises Lachlan has photos of her with her lover and she accuses him of trying to blackmail her into sleeping with him instead of Bailey.

Lachlan's hurt by her suggestion and she softens, deciding the take a different tack and plead with him not to tell anyone. Will Lachlan agree?

Hollyoaks, C4, 6.30pm

With Lisa's manipulative behaviour leaving Sonia out in the cold, Zack is fuming with his sister and is determined to bring his family back together – Sonia included.

Meanwhile, Lisa's stolen the keys to Price Slice and starts trashing the shop. Sonia sees what she's up to and rushes in to stop her. But when Lisa sees her family walking through the village she decides she can use the situation to her advantage.

She dollops sauce all over her head and claims Sonia did it! Will the Lovedays buy Lisa's story?

Hollyoaks, Lisa pours sauce over herself and blames Sonia, Thu 2 Jun

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