Exclusive: BNTM's Angel Cole: "This is my career and I've always wanted to do this"

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Angel Cole narrowly missed out on winning Britain's Next Top Model coming runner-up alongside Jessica Workman.

After 10 weeks of challenges and photo shoots, the judges crowned Chloe Keenan as the winner of the show after the girls completed their final task with a catwalk in Jamaica.

Soon after the final, we grabbed a chat with Angel to talk about her journey on the show. Here's what she had to say...

Britain's Next Top Model 2016: Angel Cole.

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How are you feeling?

It was shocking to be honest. I never thought I would be runner-up. When I found out I was just shocked. I was so happy but I couldn't give off the feelings that I wanted to show. It was just so hard because it's a different experience.

Did you ever think you would make the finals?

Not at all. I thought I'd get past makeovers and then would maybe go home. I always think ahead, maybe I shouldn't. I was surprised and so shocked but so happy at the same time. It was hard but good.

Tell us about your makeover...

My hair got shaved all off. I got the baldness. I feel fine now to be honest, but at the time I was really upset, like really, really upset. I have short hairstyles all the time, no matter what, I always have hair on my head. When they told me I was going bald I laughed like crazy but I was hurt, then it kind of hit me and I was quiet for the whole makeover. At the end of the day this is my career and I've always wanted to do this. Hair is hair, but sometimes I feel like the hair makes me. They said they liked my head shape, so that's why. I was thinking that it would be harder for me to pull off.

Britain's Next Top Model: The Makeover Episode
Airing 4 February 2016

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What was your favourite challenge?

I won two challenges but I loved the metal scrapyard couture shoot. My first challenge went downhill and Nicky didn't like it and I was so upset. The next night I practiced on my poses, and then the next day we found that Nicky was shooting us. I felt happy and comfortable. That was my best challenge, it was great.

What challenge did you struggle with?

I didn't like the Colgate one. I had to kiss a guy and I have a girlfriend and that is not my cup of tea. To be honest, I would have preferred not to, but I still did it. I'm a model and I'm here to do a job. Even though I didn't win the challenge, I still did good, so I'm happy.

Britain's Next Top Model QVC jewellery challenge - episode 7.
25 February 2016.

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How was it living in the house?

Living in a house with girls is the hardest thing ever. Every girl is different and everyone goes into their little groups but with me I analyse people. I read body language and if I feel like you're giving me this vibe I'm going to take that in and feed off that and react on that. There was a lot of that in the house. I tried to get along with people but I'm a very homely person and I don't really socialise that much. Sometimes I just want to be by myself and but they thought I was being antisocial. I just like my own space and I like to chill. Living in that house was really hard though and I felt like I was in school again.

One of the first arguments in the house was over a hat...

Yes, me and Amreen argued over a hat. She just had so much attitude in her voice and I got so frustrated. I just thought she was rude but it was in the heat of the moment. I liked Amreen and we talked after and it was fine. I wasn't there to argue with girls, I was there to win.

BNTM episode 10 - the final.
10 March 2016.

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BNTM - Angel in Jamaica.
March 2016.

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Do you feel like the pressures in the house ever affected you on shoots?

I feel like I took on people's feelings too much and was worried about what they thought about me. I'm a nice person, I just don't like people to be angry or upset with me. I feel like I did make friends and I did learn things and I hope that the girls in the house understand that I'm not a horrible person. I'm just in my own space. I'm different.

How did you find the press challenge?

Before we got there everyone was talking about it and I was getting very emotional thinking about childhood and school. I was upset because I was fighting for this; fighting to win, and in school I was always fighting to be the smart one. I was just getting loads of flashbacks but I didn't feel scared talking to the journalists.

Britain's Next Top Model episode 6: Angel Cole
TX: Thursday 18 February 2016.

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Did you have a favourite judge?

I'd say Paul and then Nicky. Paul was just cool and he didn't make you feel too bad, but he made you know that you did bad too. Nicky was very blunt but he's funny with it. I like all the judges though, I love them all and they're all different. They gave me good advice and they were there to help me.

Do you have any regrets?

I regret getting so angry and crying. If I'm angry I'd rather cry because there's no need to lash out. I'm here to make friends and learn from this experience, not argue with girls. Other than that, I enjoyed every bit of it.

So, what's next?

I'm really trying to plan things before I jump into it. Before, I used to apply for things just to get modelling jobs, but I'm going to organise photo shoots for myself and I'm not going to stop until I find something or until something pops up. My mum said to me that I need to take this in and that I've come so far, so I really need to take that in and push. I'm excited for the future and I'm going to take every day as it comes.

*This interview took place in November 2015 shortly after the final. Keep up to date with Angel on Twitter: @bntmangel.

BNTM - Angel in Jamaica.
March 2016.

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