Austin Armacost's CBB blog: "I'm surprised Tiffany didn't make the final three"

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Austin Armacost - CBB final series 16 - 25 September 2015.

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Series 16 runner-up Austin Armacost blogs the new series of Celebrity Big Brother exclusively for Reveal.

The Final

Of course Big Brother has one more trick up his sleeve. Before the housemates leave they need to try to create a bit more drama by showing them who's been saying what about who behind people's backs.

Tiffany wants to bite Scotty T's … ? … ? … Body?

Aww bless, here comes the mushy bits around the table. I think Danniella is correct in everything she has to say about Scotty T. Tiffany another blunt and honest statement. I am just so sick of hearing everybody telling each other that they "love each other". I don't think in my time in the house I told anybody that I loved them in a serious mind set. Maybe in passing, or playing, or being funny, but not a full on emotion… For f*** sake's they have only known each other for a few weeks!

CBB Tiffany tells Darren she thought he was boring
5 February

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Tiffany didn't even make the final three? Wow that really surprised me. I thought Tiffany was a great housemate and would have done better. I think it is hilarious that Tiffany thinks (tea and coffee) makes everything better. Greatest mix-up in reality TV history HANDS DOWN! I continue to watch that clip nearly every day, it is just hilarious.

I still can't understand how Stephanie made it to the final two. Her family's phone bill must be outrageous.

Scotty T wins Celebrity Big Brother 2016 - 5 Feb 2016

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I think Scotty T truly deserved to take home the crown. Something we have to keep in mind though is that those Geordie Shore kids have millions of fans and they are the kind of fans who vote for these shows. Not knocking him at all, he really did a great job. Look at that smile, ear to ear, he is just loving it. Good lad! Some words to describe Scotty T, I would have to say honest, genuine, handsome, giggly, and now CHAMPION!

Over all, I think the season was okay. I think it was a brilliant idea to bring back several Americans as the clash of cultures is just a fascinating sight to be held. Another good show by Channel 5 and a congrats is in order to the Huge team down at Celebrity Big Brother and Bit On The Side who make the show such a success.

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