Do you remember... spending your life on MSN?

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Do you remember... spending your life on MSN when you were younger?

Oh, MSN how we miss you. Kids are just missing out big time these days without this little beauty to keep them occupied. Everyone loved going over to their friend's house and watching them type all day, right? And it really was *the* bomb for finding out everything you needed to know - including if the hottest boy in school actually fancied you too.

While we may have seemed so anti-social at home, on MSN we were nothing less than social butterflies. WhatsApp and Twitter just so aren't the same, are we right?

Do you remember?

1. Spending hours agonising over what to have as your email address.

This was nothing compared to the hours that you spent actually choosing your MSN display name, but given that your email was what you had to give out for people to add you on MSN, you had to make sure it was pretty darn cool. just wouldn't cut it, on the other hand - that screamed mega babe.

2. Spending a total age choosing your MSN display name.

With the email address out the way, the big decision was next - what to have as your MSN name? With hundreds of emoticons to choose from, did you want smiley faces next to your name or love hearts? Should you include that cheesy quote from your favourite song in the main name or save it for your tag line? Should you keep the original font or should you spice it up by writing it like this: (f)MaTiLdA(f) or like this: ,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º° мαтιℓ∂α °º¤ø,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸.

3. Writing your boyfriend or girlfriend's name in love hearts in your name.

"Look at me, I'm actually in a fully fledged official relationship." Nothing screamed that more than having your boyf or gf's name encased in hearts. To prove you were extra gangster, you'd even have their tag name instead of their real name (L)WiFeY BrOoMz(L). Tag names, remember them? The real heartbreak though was when your so called other half would pop online one day and have a different girl's name in hearts instead. Forget dumping over text, that was the cruelest and quickest way to end your four-day fling. The pain is real.

4. Writing your friend's names in order in your name.

Of course, MSN wasn't just a tool to promote your relationships, it was also to show off how popular you were. We all had our best pals listed in our names and no matter how many times we told our BFFs there was no order to the listing, we were lying through our teeth. Of course the person at the front was the person we liked the best and if you ever fell out with one of them, they were straight to the back of the line. Ooo, burn.

5. Putting song lyrics in your tag line and denying who they were about.

If they didn't make the cut into your actual display name, there was no better way to jazz up your tagline - even if you did get caught out for who you were directing them at. (L)'If I had one wish, you would be my boo'(L)... Deny, deny, deny.

6. Organising contacts into groups: BeStIeZ, BoIz, GaLz, SkOoL, RaNdOm.

Because of course you had hours to filter through your 18947329864 MSN contacts and organise them into easy to find groups. That, and it made your MSN look way much better than your pal's who was constantly scrolling through her online contacts to find her crush. School girl error or what?

7. Going incognito to fool the parents.

"Yes mum, I have got hours of homework" and "Yes, I need the computer for every piece." Your excuse to get away with sitting on your computer every night was obviously homework. What else? You'd purposely open so many conversations so they'd pile into one tab rather than having four or five flashing orange along your toolbar. A total giveaway. Then, you were just hoping and praying somebody didn't nudge you as your mum or dad walked past. All it took was that one poorly timed nudge and you were busted.

8. Nudging.

That didn't stop you annoying your besties by constantly nudging them. It was always fun to see how many you could get in before you were physically stopped from sending anymore. Although, when they tried to get their own back you instantly regretted starting the 'nudge off' in the first place. They did come in mega handy though when you were desperate to know the answers to those all important questions: "Well, did he talk about me or not?"

9. Appearing offline and signing back in to get yourself noticed.

Hands up, who's guilty? We totally all were on this one. You were obvs too cool to make the first move, so making sure you actually got to chat to the person you fancied, you had no choice but to flick your status from appear offline to online at least three times. That way they definitely noticed you popping up in the corner... even if it did mean total heartbreak when they still decided to ignore you. Saying that, there was nothing more annoying than seeing someone else give it a go... attention seekers.

10. Debating over your profile picture like it was the biggest decision in the world.

To be fair, it pretty much was. You couldn't settle for anything less than a total scorcher and come on guys, you had to put some effort into it - personalising the picture by adding 'Becky Boo 2k6' onto it got you so many extra cool points. You gotta love Photoshop.

11. Having emojis for every letter and phrase.

Because normal fonts just didn't cut it. You always had to jazz up your text with a sparkly 'lol' a Disney inspired 'D' or a flashing 'BRB'.

12. Being completely conscious of what you were listening too.

Being caught out listening to the Disney soundtrack was a standard MSN blunder. It was moments like that you forgot you had linked up your Windows Media Player to your account and had tagged 'Show what I'm listening to'. Crack out that cool playlist because it was only total tunes like NeYo's 'So Sick' that were socially acceptable.

13. Watching people typing.

Whoever allowed you to see when people were typing back to you were just cruel. This never ended well. You'd see your pals "typing" away for ages, only to get two words or nothing back at all! But it said you were typing?!?! What were you going to say god damn you?!

14. That one person you would sit on webcam too all the time.

There was always that one boy that you always sat on webcam to every time you spoke. You saw them online and would quickly doll yourself up as there's no way you'd let him catch you sitting there with no make-up on and in your cotton PJs. Or you'd tell a fib and pretend your webcam had broken just because you couldn't be bothered to crack out the mascara and scanning out your wardrobe.

15. Knowing exactly how to avoid people.

Oh, how we loved that little appear offline button. Not only did it get us talking to our potential boyfriend (there was always hope!), it also helped us to avoid those annoying people that would always have something to say. Thanks to the beauty of hiding away you could avoid them like the plague. What a beaut - until you got busted that is. Everyone would always ask if so and so was online to check they hadn't been blocked.

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16. ASL

You'd always be getting random adds from friends of friends and the go-to ice breaker in those situations was ASL. You had to suss them out before you got too emotionally attached, right?

17. Leaving those annoying group chats the entire school year would be added into.

MSN was a sucker for a group chat. But it wasn't just your friends, it would be every single person listed on your contacts in one single convo. And those notifications were a nightmare if you were going incognito from the parents. Not to mention so confusing. If you left, nine times out of ten you'd be added back in again - couldn't they take a hint?

18. MSN's version of small talk.

If we could predict how every one of your conversations started, we bet it went a little like this...
You: hi u k?
Billy: Yh gd u?
You: Klkl. Yh gd. Wuu2?
Billy: Nm u?
You: Kl
And when it all became too pain-staking for you to handle, you relied on your good friend 'brb' to save you from the awkwardness... Only to start up the same convo with whoever was next in line.

19. Using the classics: 'Sorry wrong convo' or 'Sorry that was my friend'.

Thought you'd be sneaky and try and slip in what you were really thinking. If ever you hit back a little to hard at someone, confessed to your old boyfriend you were missing him or braved to ask your new crush out on a date - you could always get out of it with a 'sorry wrong convo'/ 'sorry that was my friend' excuse. It's pretty obvious now what you were doing, but back then it never failed.

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20. Going over to your friend's house to watch them on MSN.

We were that obsessed with MSN that we even logged in when our pals had come over after school. Great if it was your house and your account, but if you were heading over to your BFFs for a sleepover on Friday night, you knew exactly what was in store. Even if they did add you into their display name to show you were there, you still had to sit and watch them flirting with the boy in the year above while you twiddled your thumbs and pretended you were joining in.

21. Using your friend to find out vital info.

Sitting and watching your bestie on MSN wasn't actually all bad. It was great for finding out if Daisy had forgiven you yet for stealing her banana scented gel pen or if Josh really did fancy you like his friends had said? Anything you needed an answer to your friend could ask it for you. They felt like they were finding out all the goss while you got to see your answer in sparkly, emoji animated text with your own eyes. Win, win.

22. Rushing home from school to sit at your computer?

Yep, us too. Nothing beat an evening sat at your computer and not moving until you went to bed. Sounds like you were a total recluse, but actually you were just being a social butterfly. Duh.

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